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AMSSS was started in able to give the consumer a alternate solution to buying a after market seat. Many after market products are very good but they can be quite expensive. We feel that with our Visco-Gel Pad and Memory Foam products, we can achieve a comfort level that can surpass the after market product for less than of what you would pay for an after market seat. Suhagra tablet 50 mg

Any Questions?

This Visco-Gel Pad/memory foam installation will make vast improvements to your riding comfort. If you are unsure on what or how to order just send me an Viagra cialis levitra kaufen at Americana Soft Seats we will answer all your questions. Buy levitra in spain

NOTE: Some Sport Bike Seats are very narrow any cannot be carved out to install the one inch thick memory foam. On these seats we install a double layer on 1/4" soft memory foam. Please call for details on sport bike installations.

When a seat comes in we inspect the condition of the seat cover and the foam. If we feel that a mistake has been made by the customer on the order form, we will notify the customer before we proceed with the customization.                                          

        Still Not Convinced?

See testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

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