These seat heaters are ordered though an outside vendor. It is the customers respomsibility to do all electircal connections.


These heaters are not returnable once installed.


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Seat heater installed $139 plus $19.95 shipping.


The thin peel and stick seat heater elements fits underneath the seat cover without detection. All wiring and hardware is installed out of sight.


The waterproof, illuminated on-off switch can be installed for easy access or hidden from view. This can be installed on the side of the seat, saddlebag, or any location you decide. Once the desired temperature is reached, the seat heater can be turned off. The seat heater also has an automatic thermostat shut off for safety.


The seat heater kit comes in two sizes to fit most motorcycle seat configurations. Each seat heater is individually fused for safety and wired into the bike's electrical system. (It is the sole responsibility of the owner to correctly install all the heater).
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All seat heaters can be installed on almost any motorcycle. The seat cover is easily removed and the heating element sticks onto the base foam. The seat cover is then reinstalled exactly on how it was removed. The seat heater will not change the look of the seat, but it will improve the rider's comfort on those chilly days. 
Each seat heater system draws less than 2 amps and is individually fused and wired to the bikes electrical system.
Not comfortable installing it yourself? No problem, just send us the seat and we will install the heating element for you for a small addition fee of $29. However it is the sole responsibility of the owners to install all electrical hookups.
Hot Seat Installation on a VTX Seat.


Picture shows the heating element installed over our memory foam. The wire to the

heating element gets tucked in under the foam.


The heating element is self adhesive that sticks to the foam.


Reinstall the cover.


The underside of the seat.


The heating element comes with all necessary electrical wiring that connects to your bike. Red wire to 12V power and Black wire to ground.

NOTE: All units are tested to ensure they work properly before they get shipped. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to hook up these system to your bike. Hookup to very easy. See diagram below. If you are not confident about installation you should contact you local dealer for installation.


This picture shows one option of installation the heated on/off switch.

This is the underside of the seat where the wire connection are.