Americana Soft Seats


VTX 1800 Seat

Honda VTX 1800. The pictures show the seat being assembled with a standard gel pad and Step 5 we use 1/4" memory foam to cover the entire seat. We then replace the original cover. 

Step 1.We start by carefully removing the cover off your stock seat.


Step 2. We will examine the stock foam and carefully measure and custom fit the gel pad to the stock foam padding. To do this we will mark out a section of the foam padding where the gel pad will be installed.


Honda AERO                                        

VTX Seat


Step 3. We then carefully cut out the OEM foam padding and sand the cut out surface smooth. Then we sand over and smooth out the remaining foam surface


                               Honda AERO            VTX and AERO Seats

.Visco-Gel Memroy Foam 



One Inch inch thick" Memory Foam (blue) that comes in many densities from soft, medium and hard.  I recommend this configuration if you want the seat to have a firmer feel to it. However don't think for one minute that it delivers a hard ride. This foam has been used in the medical industry for years on hospital beds and wheelchairs, where people are forced to stay in one position for extended periods. This product was developed by NASA for astronauts who are forced to sit for hours on end without moving.

 This provides a more rigid seat however it is just as comfortable as the gel pad.


. We cover the foam with a moisture barrier layer. (not shown)

We recover and clean the original vinyl cover. The result as shown here, the seat is like new and will be much more comfortable and for years to come.